Oh Fun, mess with the sickie!


I have been dealing with very painful ulcers, and the pain has been so bad that I have been unaware of situations around me.  For example, at night time I would lay out the dog food, turn of the living room lights, bring my phone to …. somewhere, brush my teeth, wash my face, then look for my phone so I may plug it in for the night.

The first time my husband giggled away, for I had brought it to the bedroom without even thinking about it! Well the next night, same thing, dog food, lights, teeth, face… where’s my phone? Husband giggles, for there it is lying on the bed again! I do not recall where I put it, or when but apparently it ended up on my bed! This happened the next night and the next.

Well finally my medication for the ulcers have been kicking in, and last night I was able to saunter to lay out the dog food, put my phone on the bathroom counter, brush my teeth, wash my face, go turn off the lights, go to grab my phone and its not there… then it hits me! My husband had been bringing the phone the past three nights to see if I would notice or see if he could mess with my pain exhausted mind! Needless to say, he ran giggling under the covers knowing he had been caught but not caring none the less 😛 At least I got a good giggle out of it now that  I am feeling better!

But I need the needles!

I feel lucky today, as one of my cousins bought a bunch of yarn for things she wants made, and even bought me a crafting tool box! Eagerly I am ready to start, I even finished the slippers I am making for the trade show come spring.  I pull out my circular knitting needle set, find the right size of needle and …. cannot find the length I need.  I had to stop to think, as I usually do not have projects lying around taking up bags, or needles.

Its then that I remember my hooded cape is using the largest size! Ugh! I cannot just pull it off, or put it on a giant holder, as I do not have one. So, I guess I need to get my butt in gear and finish off the hood! I have accomplished 8 of my 11 inches that I think are required (I am making this from my head, and slightly based off a hood from one of my favorite jackets).

Until then, I guess my cousins cowl will just have to wait… sigh…


Well, sure, why not! Bring on spring!


I have been working on my hooded cape (hood halfway done) and freaking out over how socks I swear are meant to make me hate knitting (don’t let it be so!!!) when my friend announced she was putting on a spring show for crafters and home based businesses.  My first thought was a solid ‘NO I will not buy a table!’, but after gossiping about crafts, beads, yarn, and how much fun the show was last year…. FINE! My answer was a no, as most shows in the spring are a let down, nobody is buying like crazy for the holidays, most people are saving up for the summer holidays, or most people are just plain broke after tax season, or haven’t received their tax break yet! Ugh… but it did get my business tag out there!

Now, to explain how I hate socks.  I cannot for the life of me knit on double pointed knitting needles, because I cause a laddering effect.  You tend to leave gaps where the needles meet, either I am holding it too loose or most likely, too tight.  So my mother in law got me this great sock loom, found out I hate looms.  Too slow, too rigid, I am either fighting with it, loosing all my stitches, or wishing I could knit instead.  So, I resorted to finding a two needle sock pattern, which I am going to try out and wear with pride! After saying that, an old friend I worked with gave me a circular knitting needle, that is made with a wire instead, so it could work to pull off the two sock pattern, so wish me luck!

My hood I am so proud of, but unfortunately I will have to put it on the back burner so I can make slippers, headbands, cowls and such for the spring show… sigh…. at least I plan to have it done for may for a friends wedding!

Going Wild and Free!

I finally finished my scoop pullover and it fits like a dream…. though I mixed up three stitches in the front lol. Oh well, the shirt is for me and I don’t care!

My next project, I have three balls of aran wool that is beautifully color of pinks and heather. My plan is to make a hooded cape, from scratch! I haven’t made a project like this in such a large scale. Usually I make mittens from scratch, or slippers, but nothing like this! I am slightly basing it off of a hood that I have and seen, and the cape from pictures, so wish me luck! I’m going to throw in some lace around the opening of the hood to make it a bit more festive, stayed tuned for pictures!

POP Goes the weasel!

First note, I make homemade wine.  Second note, I make homemade wine from scratch! I love it, its a mixing, patient trade that leaves you with either great results, or funny mistakes. 

My first mistake.  When I was making my first batch, I didn’t add enough water, my level wasn’t high enough, and I got a really rhubarb style of vinegar.  My favorite moment was when I realized it tasted like wine, and my husband tried, disbelieving me, takes a huge mouthful… needless to say, the look on his face was priceless.

My latest mishap, was quite explosive.  I came home, and found the entrance smelt like beer. Or something with yeast….

I think nothing of it, and carry on with my lunch break.  My husband goes down stairs to check on our leak from the snow melt and starts exclaiming “what is purple all down the hallway?”

Needless to say, with the Chinook (warm wind) that had come through with a vengeance, and a huge pressure change.  This caused one of my last batches bottled (blueberry) to have a bottle that wasn’t quite tight enough to burst open.  The cork was lost under the freezer, the spray was launched a traveled over 15 feet, and it seemed all the wet was over the other carboids of wine.  I was just amused as I found this out, instead of upset, because I have only heard of this happening, never seen it. 

So, my lesson here, do not reuse twist off wine bottles, as they are not tight enough for the corks.  Second note, keep an eye on bottled beverages when pressure changes occur!

Hurry Up!

Imagine, if you can, you have been given a great task.  It seems difficult, but you are ready to button down and try your best.  You have gotten your materials together, and your ready to step up.

“Hurry Up! You need to get this done”

Yes, you do, but the voice is upset, making you nervous now.  But you still gather the wit to try again.

“Will you get this done! I cant wait on you!”

Great, now your not able to get this done on their schedule.  You reach out to try

“That’s it, I’ll do it for you” The task is ripped from your hand, they do it for you.  Now what have you learned?

You have learned that you cannot do this, or possibly more tasks, and your ego is crushed.  Your self esteem is bruised.  or you have learned that if you pause long enough, someone else will take care of your job for you. 

This is what we are teaching children.  Every day, a child has a thousand jobs they can do, they can get dressed (if you let them, guide them), they can help with food prep, eat their food, clean up, do their crafts, their play, their bathroom habits.  But how fair is it, to rip it from them, because they for many reasons, cannot do it like you, as fast as you, or as competently?

This world is letting children grow up with bruised egos, damaged esteem, and lacking the will to complete their jobs.

How logical are we being towards the future, when we cannot take the time to allow the person all chances to grow up properly?

Can you imagine?


Dealing with Stress – Round One

I have been through a lot of stress in the past year, due to family sickness, anxiety over special days, school, work, death, dealing with family addition, and typical day to day stress. As I realized that my anxiety was heightening, I started to put together a list of de-stressors that tended to help, calm the mind, and find solutions or find a few moments of peace of mind.

~ Find a journal – yes, like you really wish to feel like that teenage girl who only writes about the boy who doesn’t notice her after a stressful situation, but it can help to take the time to actually write out your thoughts, feelings, solutions, problems, and just vent.

~ Vent at a friend or mirror – I am lucky to have a friend in my life who lets me just vent or rant, without response. Sometimes just screaming, arguing or just even having an outside voice go off can vent off that excess steam

~ Find a space away from it all – sometimes you cannot book that vacation to get away, so make a space that is just for you! Mine involves a few good video games, a solid drink, lots of cushions and music to block out my thoughts. My friend has one that is a room with just music and a good chair. Another example, my other friend is a room set up with couches for her friends, a hookah, beer fridge and social games. Books.  Movies.  Driving.  Find your escape and block out for an hour.

~Start a hobby – finding something that consumes your mind, body, and leaves you with a creative outlet that can drain away excess emotion. Sometimes, its just that you need something to do to get yourself over the hump!

~ Seek help – not just for yourself, but so you can have an outside voice of experience, wisdom and helpful advice/information that can point you in the right direction, find the right push or just give you the push on the back that you need.

No matter what, you have to keep pushing forward. Yes, time can solve or change all, and the hardest part is waiting for it to get there. But believe me, yes, it can get there. If I can get through all I got through, and still keep smiling, as my boss said ‘I would have cracked under less of what you had to deal with!”. Sometimes you just need the pat on the back that you are doing well.