Auld Lang Syne


May old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?

I hope not, for as we all try to strive for new beginnings, we seem to forget what has brought us here, or who has brought us here today.  Yes, we could go into the whole family mommy daddy issue, but today is about friends. 

As I see friends who have ruined my life, changed my life, or have left my life I realized how much of an impact they have made.  Yes it makes for many arguments in my head about how I wish I could show up at their doorstep, knock loudly to announce myself, and tell them how they have gone wrong, how to fix it and to apologize for the obvious mistakes and life ruining choices they have made.  But at the same time, I am glad.  I am glad to have met people who make me realize the bad choices I have made, that my choices aren’t that bad, or grievous.  I also realized that from not learning from my mistakes, as they have, would have been the bigger mistake.  My husband once said that the reason I think about them so much is because I wish I could fix what was done wrong, but that isn’t my lesson.  I have to learn, so I can to not make the same mistakes. 

So yes, even though I begin my first blog with a sad note of past mistakes and sins, its also to cherish the lessons of others who have made me what I am today!

So lets raise our glass to the friends, and foes of the past, and hopefully they are brought to mind! Cheers


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