Time keeps clicking

Have you ever just wish to fast forward, to when you get that promotion, to when you get married, to having that family, to retirement.  I realized today then when wishing ahead, you maybe can miss the important parts that tend to clinch it all. A dear friend once told me that I need to enjoy those moments, those breaths and those sweet instances that weigh more than the accomplishments we strive for.

I wont get into the situation(as it wont make as much sense, like describing child care to an oil field worker), but it was one of the jump on the table moments! The co-worker in the room laughed because she thought that I was ready to dance out the room. Those are the moments you wish to hold on to! So please, with all the new years resolutions that people wish to be ahead, different and accomplishments, don’t forget about those accomplishing moments 🙂



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