Count your….blessings?

When dealing with uncomfortable situations that life can bring about, either by your choices or others, it really can bring a drain down upon yourself, your ego, your mental health, etc., etc.

But when I finally stopped cursing, and arguing with myself, I sat down to mediate upon the issue.  Who did what, who should have done what, how they fucked up, and what should have happened. But in the end, I can only stop and think about it in a calm mind.  So I went to watch a good movie (where people make worse decisions than I), watch people get shot up, drugged up, tortured…. and I come to a very earth shattering conclusion.

We can live day by day, and forget about the long term consequences.  We can live long term, and forget how to enjoy the day by day experiences.  We can live in hatred of how messed up this world is.  We can live smiling knowing that we are trying to survive to the end of days to be rewarded by our good deeds in an eternal after life.  Either way, we live, and we make choices, and we make mistakes and we reap rewards….

My conclusion, is any way we live, unless we learn to live with what we have done, we can never learn to live for tomorrow.

Accept what has happened, for it has made you what you are today.  It has gotten you the blessings, the lessons learned, the memories and the experiences. 

Even though I am in a point in my life where I am picking up the pieces, I know in the future my happiness will lie in whether I accept, forgive and learn, or harbor hatred, burdens, and regret and only have a life of sorrow.

So please, count your blessings.  I know I am today.



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