Ocarina and Flute Love

ocarina pic

In our town we have a little dramatic group that hosts two shows, one for spring, one for Christmas. Usually these shows are the delight of our small town, with people being able to show off their skills, and supporters being able to have a cultural night out.  This year, I am going to attempt to audition, with my flute, and possibly, my ocarina.

I have been a collector of random musical flute like instruments for the past few years. I have a flute that is intermediate, being that it is open hole and being able to be tuned.  In my search I have obtained numerous ocarinas, being sopranos, whistle like, altos, six hole, a double harmonic, a triple and one big brass one.  Most are in the key of C but one special one is in the key of G.  I also have collected a glass flute, a jade flute, a bamboo flute and a tin whistle.  Along those lines are a fife, a recorder or two, an organ, a harp lyre, a xun, and a hulusi.

Although I have collected and love all these instruments, I have also been in search of those I can teach.  I do enjoy my instruments and now and trying these year to gain more than the two students I collected last year!

I love making music, and one of the stories I found about the dragon tooth ocarina, makes me realize that the love of music isn’t something to be held down to four walls and a sheet holder.  I do hope to push for gathering some interest in this small town, not for money sake but for the experience and to earn a foot hold as a music instructor!

Excuse me, I realized I strayed from my point 😀 I was trying to say that I am going to try out (if I don’t get too shy) and see if I can make a mark in the cultural group in this town and earn a spot to be a public flutist and earn some interest! I would say wish me luck, but more I am also looking for other ocarina lovers or interested persons.



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