Hurry Up!

Imagine, if you can, you have been given a great task.  It seems difficult, but you are ready to button down and try your best.  You have gotten your materials together, and your ready to step up.

“Hurry Up! You need to get this done”

Yes, you do, but the voice is upset, making you nervous now.  But you still gather the wit to try again.

“Will you get this done! I cant wait on you!”

Great, now your not able to get this done on their schedule.  You reach out to try

“That’s it, I’ll do it for you” The task is ripped from your hand, they do it for you.  Now what have you learned?

You have learned that you cannot do this, or possibly more tasks, and your ego is crushed.  Your self esteem is bruised.  or you have learned that if you pause long enough, someone else will take care of your job for you. 

This is what we are teaching children.  Every day, a child has a thousand jobs they can do, they can get dressed (if you let them, guide them), they can help with food prep, eat their food, clean up, do their crafts, their play, their bathroom habits.  But how fair is it, to rip it from them, because they for many reasons, cannot do it like you, as fast as you, or as competently?

This world is letting children grow up with bruised egos, damaged esteem, and lacking the will to complete their jobs.

How logical are we being towards the future, when we cannot take the time to allow the person all chances to grow up properly?

Can you imagine?



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