POP Goes the weasel!

First note, I make homemade wine.  Second note, I make homemade wine from scratch! I love it, its a mixing, patient trade that leaves you with either great results, or funny mistakes. 

My first mistake.  When I was making my first batch, I didn’t add enough water, my level wasn’t high enough, and I got a really rhubarb style of vinegar.  My favorite moment was when I realized it tasted like wine, and my husband tried, disbelieving me, takes a huge mouthful… needless to say, the look on his face was priceless.

My latest mishap, was quite explosive.  I came home, and found the entrance smelt like beer. Or something with yeast….

I think nothing of it, and carry on with my lunch break.  My husband goes down stairs to check on our leak from the snow melt and starts exclaiming “what is purple all down the hallway?”

Needless to say, with the Chinook (warm wind) that had come through with a vengeance, and a huge pressure change.  This caused one of my last batches bottled (blueberry) to have a bottle that wasn’t quite tight enough to burst open.  The cork was lost under the freezer, the spray was launched a traveled over 15 feet, and it seemed all the wet was over the other carboids of wine.  I was just amused as I found this out, instead of upset, because I have only heard of this happening, never seen it. 

So, my lesson here, do not reuse twist off wine bottles, as they are not tight enough for the corks.  Second note, keep an eye on bottled beverages when pressure changes occur!


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