Well, sure, why not! Bring on spring!


I have been working on my hooded cape (hood halfway done) and freaking out over how socks I swear are meant to make me hate knitting (don’t let it be so!!!) when my friend announced she was putting on a spring show for crafters and home based businesses.  My first thought was a solid ‘NO I will not buy a table!’, but after gossiping about crafts, beads, yarn, and how much fun the show was last year…. FINE! My answer was a no, as most shows in the spring are a let down, nobody is buying like crazy for the holidays, most people are saving up for the summer holidays, or most people are just plain broke after tax season, or haven’t received their tax break yet! Ugh… but it did get my business tag out there!

Now, to explain how I hate socks.  I cannot for the life of me knit on double pointed knitting needles, because I cause a laddering effect.  You tend to leave gaps where the needles meet, either I am holding it too loose or most likely, too tight.  So my mother in law got me this great sock loom, found out I hate looms.  Too slow, too rigid, I am either fighting with it, loosing all my stitches, or wishing I could knit instead.  So, I resorted to finding a two needle sock pattern, which I am going to try out and wear with pride! After saying that, an old friend I worked with gave me a circular knitting needle, that is made with a wire instead, so it could work to pull off the two sock pattern, so wish me luck!

My hood I am so proud of, but unfortunately I will have to put it on the back burner so I can make slippers, headbands, cowls and such for the spring show… sigh…. at least I plan to have it done for may for a friends wedding!


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