But I need the needles!

I feel lucky today, as one of my cousins bought a bunch of yarn for things she wants made, and even bought me a crafting tool box! Eagerly I am ready to start, I even finished the slippers I am making for the trade show come spring.  I pull out my circular knitting needle set, find the right size of needle and …. cannot find the length I need.  I had to stop to think, as I usually do not have projects lying around taking up bags, or needles.

Its then that I remember my hooded cape is using the largest size! Ugh! I cannot just pull it off, or put it on a giant holder, as I do not have one. So, I guess I need to get my butt in gear and finish off the hood! I have accomplished 8 of my 11 inches that I think are required (I am making this from my head, and slightly based off a hood from one of my favorite jackets).

Until then, I guess my cousins cowl will just have to wait… sigh…



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