Oh Fun, mess with the sickie!


I have been dealing with very painful ulcers, and the pain has been so bad that I have been unaware of situations around me.  For example, at night time I would lay out the dog food, turn of the living room lights, bring my phone to …. somewhere, brush my teeth, wash my face, then look for my phone so I may plug it in for the night.

The first time my husband giggled away, for I had brought it to the bedroom without even thinking about it! Well the next night, same thing, dog food, lights, teeth, face… where’s my phone? Husband giggles, for there it is lying on the bed again! I do not recall where I put it, or when but apparently it ended up on my bed! This happened the next night and the next.

Well finally my medication for the ulcers have been kicking in, and last night I was able to saunter to lay out the dog food, put my phone on the bathroom counter, brush my teeth, wash my face, go turn off the lights, go to grab my phone and its not there… then it hits me! My husband had been bringing the phone the past three nights to see if I would notice or see if he could mess with my pain exhausted mind! Needless to say, he ran giggling under the covers knowing he had been caught but not caring none the less 😛 At least I got a good giggle out of it now that  I am feeling better!


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