Ring Flute Review

I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to flutes and flute like instruments, and have been collecting, and trying to get others onto my obsession.  I recently found on ebay.ca a ring flute, which got my attention until I saw the price tag of a few hundred dollars.  Ugh, I may be a collector but I am not unfortunately rich.  Well, I started scrubbing around and found a site, well sort of poorly put together, but it told a great story of how this ring flute came to be. http://www.ringflute.com/about.htm So I contacted them, looked up some videos, and heard it out, and decided that it was an item that I would like to add to my collection, so I purchased a simple plastic one.  Now, usually I am not one for plastic, as I find the sound is diminished by the sound of a plastic whistle compared to a wooden, ceramic, metal or glass, but if the alternative is paying 200$+ for an instrument I may not even like, well… 40$ sounds fair to try out something most people have not heard of.  I also have collected a hulusi, where I bought it made from ceramin, which again its not porcelain like some of the others ones or made by an expensive true artist, but it still is fun to play and I found it for only $15. But, back to the ring flute.


So it finally came in the mail, and to my delight it didn’t play to badly! Yes it sounded airy, but as I started playing with it and my embouchure and it started sounding alright! The notes don’t tend to follow my typical favored scales of C4 – C6, but its such a romantic sounding instrument that I have been having fun making tunes, just having trouble trying to chart out music for it.

So, if your up for trying out something new, check it out, or look up some videos, look up the story!

May I Have This Dance?

Years ago when I was younger and more energetic, I spent most of my weekends out dancing up the floors with my friends.  When we were out it was my married friend’s goal to see how many men she could get to dance with her, buy her drinks. To me this seemed as if this explained how well of a night out she had by how well she bragged the next day.  Now I enjoyed my nights out, and yes I did have guys buy the occasional drink, but my favorite nights out were when I was too busy dancing to notice anything else.  Now one of these weekends my friend and I were out celebrating how single I was after leaving a four year relationship.  It was great, but I had men constantly asking me to dance, to drink or my number.  I felt awkward, I didn’t want this attention!  My friend got mad that I wasn’t out flirting up attention, and was actually turning down good attention, but I was severely confused.  All these guys seemed harmless but I felt awkward that I knew half of them were only out trying to score a good time, and I wasn’t! I didn’t want to be selling what wasn’t for sale, and I realized that everytime I was approached for a dance was something that bothered me alot.  I remember one night I ended up hiding in the DJ booth with my friend picking hits of the 90’s to avoid the bump and grind of the new age.

Again a few weekends later there was a grand birthday party for an old bachelor in the town.  As the night wore on they ended up merging with our little gaggle, and the boys were all begging me to dance only for the birthday boy, as it was his night out and he deserved a good time.  Now again, I ain’t this type of girl who goes bouncing around for a good time, and felt extremely awkward again.  My friend drags me outside giving me a lecture about how I need to live it up and not having a guy by my side has apparently taken the risk out of my life.  She stalked off pissed off that I was ruining her good time, as in fact, she was married and loves going home knowing how many guys she could have hooked up with, or how many hearts she has broken.

As I think about my friends words, its not that I was afraid of a good time, I’m just not the type to be dragging along guys because it makes me feel good, I like to have all the cards on the table.  Having any thought enter a guys head that there is a chance, when there isn’t, I feel is lieing.  Again, maybe I was raised wrong, but then again…

So here I am, four years later, married but I still enjoy going out with the girls, a different group now that I am in a different town and stage of life.  A few weeks ago I was out with my brother in law tearing up the local pubs for happy hour and dancing up the floor.  now, I ended up chatting with a man and his old man who were out celebrating his 60th birthday.  The young one ended up asking me to take his old man for a dance, my first line was ‘I hope theres a clear understanding that we are out for a fun time but I aint a good time kind of girl’.  The younger man smiled at me then said ‘ He’s been divorced, all his other kids are out of town and he’s all alone in life, can you make his night by giving him a few dances with a beautiful young woman?” At this I had to smile, and spent the next few hours celebrating this guys birthday, then his son took his staggering butt home in a cab.  It was a good time, and I realized that yes, I am much happier in life knowing that I have a partner to come home to at the end of the day, but at the same time of knowing the whole story when all the cards are on the table.

Will I back away at the next song? Or will I have the next dance?

The Irony of V Day


Well of course its that special time of the year where everyone wishing to have a special someone, hates being single (or revels in it) or yearns for the days before the dullness of marriage.

Or you could have my situation which valentines day really feels like  a day to never celebrate.  My wish is to have a gun firing, explosive semi romantic movie, with beer or something to drink and pizza.  Usually when I was younger or in college valentines day resulted in awkward roses given by x boyfriends hoping at a second chance at a dead fire, or cookies from a stranger.  Woot.  Then I met my now husband, first year we were together ended up with us being in the hospital with him recovering from appendicitis, and a month of recovery.  The next year we were planning a nice meal together, first time ever! Someone gets called away for work for three weeks instead.  Last year, again, he was gone, so I spent the day ignoring anything online (where everyone either complains about it or loves it).

Well this year I believe tops it all.  About a month ago I was stuck with stomach aches, to the point where the doctor now has me on ulcers and a strict diet, partially due to the medication, partially to let my stomach heal.  This diet sucks all the fun out of valentines day.  For truth, I am not allowed anything alcoholic, chocolate, caffeinated, greasy, fried, acidic, spicy, carbonated, or harshly artificial.  Luckily, my husband says he will get me a soft cuddly teddy, something that should not bother my stomach, and I can cuddle when he is gone away on his long work schedule.  How sweet

Games for Conscience

Its Saturday morning, and from my childhood this is still my favorite time, as all I want to do are video games and cartoons! I realized yesterday how much videogames can impact a person.  This could be good, or bad.  Sadly,  I knew a guy who put gaming above all else (family, food, work)… thankfully he eventually got the help he needed.  But there are also the lessons learned for life, about how to be a good person, how the actions you take can change the worlds around you (these thoughts are specific or more for role playing games RPGs).  Zelda especially! In Zelda games you get chances to help npc’s (non playing character) and when you do, there are special bonuses that you get out of the game that you wouldn’t have if you ignored those asking for help.  Another game I love that illustrates   this fact are the Fallout games, where what you choose actually changes the story line.  If you choose to help out the settling town, you are welcomed and trusted and loved.  You can bomb the town and be accepted in to the tower of the elitists who don’t care about the lives of others.
This year marks the ten year anniversary of Fable coming out, and this is another game that changes if the person chooses good or bad.  This is something as a childcare worker that amuses me, as these games, if introduced well, can help a person realize how much their choices impact their surroundings! Example, you choose not to help the sheriff in the beginning of the game get the warrants, the town turns into a poverty strung part of town that is run by prostitution, thieves, murderers and drunks.  You help out, the town is a place that anyone can hope to live in.
Yes, video games can be looked upon as a waste of time spent doing something in a pixilated world that doesn’t really exist once you hit the power button, but those memories, those life lessons will stick with the person, and hopefully can show them a great deal about how life can really be! Go have fun, and if your an Xbox 360 gold member, go and enjoy some fable for the anniversary this year!

Why am I arguing with myself?

Note, this is a bit of a rant about how the mind revolves around stupid insolvable problems such as stupid people and stupid choices… if you wish not to read this, carry on! I will have a better read next time 🙂

I find that on the slow days, where there isn’t much to do except monotonous work that my head will wander with thoughts of almost anything, like knitting, books, life goals, music, but occasionally my head gets stuck into problem solving mode.  This can be great! Except when its trying to solve stupid people.  Its usually the same person for about two years, and all I can think of is how they live, what they have done, and to try and figure out why they did the things they have done.  I wont get into it, as it could end up being a very long rant, but needless to say, some people I let into my life confuse the hell out of me!

This latest one is slowly going away, but things make it reappear.  This person is a mother who ended up in this situation after a long list of bad choices, and it keeps coming back to my head as talk of starting a family myself is a current issue. So what do I end up doing? Comparing myself with her, her actions, what she has done, having arguments in my head about how to correct her obvious mistakes, and how to make her a better person.  Is this what my purpose in life is? Will this person listen to me? NO! Bloody f*ing N O! So in the end I am stuck wondering how the hell my head is stuck revolving around this person and their choices of actions in life…

I guess it ends up coming down to, how to clear my head, when you are stuck in doing nothing to entertain yourself or keep your head busy and out of the stupid holes in your thoughts!!!

I wish to forgive this person, and all the countless ones before her, even as so much as they believe they have made good choices and are not wrong, inproper, or lacking sense or rational thought. I wish to move on and not think of them but my head keeps revolving around them! Something come along and interrupt this thought train I am on with something entertaining and amusing!!!