The Irony of V Day


Well of course its that special time of the year where everyone wishing to have a special someone, hates being single (or revels in it) or yearns for the days before the dullness of marriage.

Or you could have my situation which valentines day really feels like  a day to never celebrate.  My wish is to have a gun firing, explosive semi romantic movie, with beer or something to drink and pizza.  Usually when I was younger or in college valentines day resulted in awkward roses given by x boyfriends hoping at a second chance at a dead fire, or cookies from a stranger.  Woot.  Then I met my now husband, first year we were together ended up with us being in the hospital with him recovering from appendicitis, and a month of recovery.  The next year we were planning a nice meal together, first time ever! Someone gets called away for work for three weeks instead.  Last year, again, he was gone, so I spent the day ignoring anything online (where everyone either complains about it or loves it).

Well this year I believe tops it all.  About a month ago I was stuck with stomach aches, to the point where the doctor now has me on ulcers and a strict diet, partially due to the medication, partially to let my stomach heal.  This diet sucks all the fun out of valentines day.  For truth, I am not allowed anything alcoholic, chocolate, caffeinated, greasy, fried, acidic, spicy, carbonated, or harshly artificial.  Luckily, my husband says he will get me a soft cuddly teddy, something that should not bother my stomach, and I can cuddle when he is gone away on his long work schedule.  How sweet


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