Ring Flute Review

I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to flutes and flute like instruments, and have been collecting, and trying to get others onto my obsession.  I recently found on ebay.ca a ring flute, which got my attention until I saw the price tag of a few hundred dollars.  Ugh, I may be a collector but I am not unfortunately rich.  Well, I started scrubbing around and found a site, well sort of poorly put together, but it told a great story of how this ring flute came to be. http://www.ringflute.com/about.htm So I contacted them, looked up some videos, and heard it out, and decided that it was an item that I would like to add to my collection, so I purchased a simple plastic one.  Now, usually I am not one for plastic, as I find the sound is diminished by the sound of a plastic whistle compared to a wooden, ceramic, metal or glass, but if the alternative is paying 200$+ for an instrument I may not even like, well… 40$ sounds fair to try out something most people have not heard of.  I also have collected a hulusi, where I bought it made from ceramin, which again its not porcelain like some of the others ones or made by an expensive true artist, but it still is fun to play and I found it for only $15. But, back to the ring flute.


So it finally came in the mail, and to my delight it didn’t play to badly! Yes it sounded airy, but as I started playing with it and my embouchure and it started sounding alright! The notes don’t tend to follow my typical favored scales of C4 – C6, but its such a romantic sounding instrument that I have been having fun making tunes, just having trouble trying to chart out music for it.

So, if your up for trying out something new, check it out, or look up some videos, look up the story!


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