Its funny how s…

Its funny how some people think they have the right to assume the worst of others, when they haven’t had the privilege of witnessing how amazing they actually are. – L. Waite

If we could witness the best of everyone, be a little less judgmental and a little more understanding, then maybe we could all be a a bit more accepting and happier in the end.


Pink or Blue?


Unisex Baby Blanket


Some family friends of ours are expecting their second child in a few months. I’m excited for them, not only because I love pregnancy, but because I get to make a baby blanket for them! The situation that I am having, they don’t want to know the sex of the child and don’t wish to know till the birth! So here I am, trying to make a blanket for a boy or girl… and I’m stuck on colors. We ended up going with a yellow, and a rainbow-ish yarn color, but it got me thinking about the history of boyish or girlish colors!

When you look up the history of colors, it wasn’t until after 1940’s that pink was a girl color, especially with the ‘Think Pink’ slogan that was designed for women to embrace their softer side. Before this, pink for decades was a boys color, as red was for men, for it was deemed to be a stronger color. Some critics have explained that blue has always been a women’s color as it is the softer color, even artists have portrayed The Virgin Mary wearing blue for years. Back in the 1880’s babies weren’t defined by their sex chosen color, most of the time white was the only thing they wore until they were past the accepted baby stage.

Even children in my preschool have trouble identifying what color are boys and girls colors. It was a pretty heated debate when that came out, as most wanted their favorite colors to be the colors associated with their sexes colors. They only thing that seemed to be the same choice was that pink was definitely a girly color because of Barbie, the princesses, and My Little Pony had these colors, but after that even blue was hard to pick!

Even yellow, when chosen as a middle color, was more of a nurturing color, bright like the sun, and warm as wheat fields, when asked by men is not usually a middle color. It seems the older the generations, at least when asking around here, that colors are more easily divided among the sex lines, but less so when you get to the younger generations. But, we choose yellow, and rainbow that has all the colors, and its turning out beautifully! Final thought, I didn’t choose white for a very important reason. As much as children are little balls of sunshine, giggling and beautiful, they spew spit up, puke and can have leaky diapers, leading to stained blankets. So yes white is so beautiful and works for both sexes, it tends to not stay white for long.

Big Decion, or lack of giving a ….?


Kids.  Everyone is having them. Heck, some people are so unfazed by the thought of kids they will blissfully seek out coatis (yes, I went there) without a second thought of the consequences.  There are people who try for years because they want their lives to revolve around kids, families, and passing on their genes, traditions and their mannerisms.  There are some who assume that once they get married, they are to have kids.

Then why I am the only one who is terrified at the thought of the life sucking, time consuming, burping, pissing, shitting little wonders that I know I will love but am so consumed by the thought of what could go wrong that I cannot be happy about the thought?

Oh I have looked around to different sites, or blogs, other peoples thoughts, and it made me laugh some of the time where I read bout how others are so blissfully happy to actually be pregnant, then it hits them “I’m almost done my pregnancy! Then Ill have an infant… oh crap!”…. its not the pregnancy that scares me, hell if I could just experience that and forget it I would! But its the thought of bringing another person, or two, into this world, that scares the hell out of me.  It surprises me that people forget that sex multiplies… and sometimes I feel idiotic that I am the only person around me that seems to understand this.  I know of four girls who have gotten pregnant on the birth control I am on…. they blame the BC.  I look at them and their habits, they were too busy having fun to actually take their pill responsibly with their spouse… or they weren’t and want to have an escape goat. Gah… there I go again… people wanting so badly to reproduce they will use any excuse or mishap!….

Am I the only one!? Yes, I am married, and yes we have talked about children and what our thoughts are, I do wish for a family, and I am hoping that once we get to the point, or the birth, that I will be much more comforted, I am still shocked at how a lot of people around me, are too much absorbed in self satisfaction to take a moment and think about the actual motions they are putting into place. Its going to take a lot of time, space, love, hope and sacrifice.  Children are not to be taken lightly. 

Disclaimer: Lol not sure if I am looking for advice, a good comment back, a friend in common, a sharp smack of reality, or just a moment to freak out…



I wish I was a kid again…

When I hear people say this, my thought immediately goes to early bed times while the fun adults stayed up, never getting to choose what’s for supper, constantly being in a class I hated, with homework for hours after, and never getting what I wanted.  What is so inspiring about a childhood lost? I may be in a lucky position that I work as a preschool teacher, where everyday I get to watch children learn, grow, create, and I get a chance to be part of it all over again.  But why must we yearn for something that we will never again achieve in lost memories? It was yesterday that I saw a picture quote that summed up best what I wish I could tell these people who yearn for the yesterdays:

Hard to Be Happy

Find a passion about today, something that you love, a work that you are passionate about, and a love that takes your breath away.  Now it is all good and well to spout these words, you say, but to actually have that is beyond me.  Why? If you have a job that makes you cringe at the start of each day, why not strive for doing something that you are proud of? Want to be a kid? Go work with them, or find a person to spend the rest of your life and start a family.  Cannot find love? Why are you looking so hard! I admit, it tends to arrive when you least expect it, want it or see it, but when it hits, bam.  Don’t let it get away, and prove that you are worth it, and so are they.  Fear the future? Why! Start planning for it! When I was in college I had to take a class centered about the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey, changes your mindset.  So instead of fearing, you are preparing, instead of being constantly work driven, you are reminded of the little things in life, instead of lacking a passion, it will help you find yours.  There are always answers, you just need to know where to look!

So, instead of missing those times that appeared so golden, admire what you have now! As said in one of my favorite books On the Banks of Plum Creek, by Laura Ingalls, ‘we have a house, food and a bed, we are rich’.  Be proud, and be passionate!

Project 2 2014 Update on Hooded Cape


Well I have been working hard on it when I can, the spring show came and went and my cousins cowl turned out superb! I finished the hood, which keeps curling and making it look more like a tube instead, but that will be rectified once I am able to finish it good and proper! I then picked up stitches, and have been increasing it so that it flows out, not sure when to stop yet, but I am getting close to the spot which feels right! I still have another 900 yards of this wool to go, then it will be time to finish it and add the edging and buttons.

Beware the Sellers

I am all about buying and selling online, helping out small businesses, creating and selling my craft.  But these past two months I seem to have learned a lot about the whole idea of purchase…and sadly of the traits of some people.

When selling online its always key to keep your receipt of sale, your receipt of delivery (if you send it by post) and that your customer is satisfied, if needed to fix or change item so that it suits their desire (if not pushing beyond what they originally requested). I tend to sell within my town/family/friends, and tend to have a great rate of costumer satisfaction.  I pride myself on that.

I also buy online, and always always always buy through paypal, as it leads to insurance that what you bought is what you bought.  This leads me to my first story, where I ended up buying a lot of beads at the end of December, but instantly was warned by a few buyers that since the time of my purchase their shipping terms had changed and I would not receive anything for over 45 or 60 days, and that if I do make a claim then it will affect them and that I shouldn’t take this course.  This is blatently against eBay and paypal contract, and a horrible act from the seller.  I still have not received my item, but since I only have fourty five days to make a claim, I did so, and still have not heard anything from the seller.  Always make a claim through paypal, so those who send you the wrong items, or never do, don’t just get a bonus of your cash, and a waste of your time.  Always leave feedback, so other buyers know who the good sellers are, and who not to trust.

My second story, always do your background on the items! It surprises me when I find sellers who are asking not only ridiculous prices, but over the top prices and amazingly stupid stories.  Example, I find a guy selling an instrument AND a book of songs to play, this amazing instrument he bought for 200$ and is only asking you 100$ as there is a slight chip on the top now.  Amazing deal, eh!? Until you look around for the same instrument, or amazingly similar, and you can get the same thing for 20$, with songbook, and its from the seller direct.  I was feeling a little cocky and asked the guy if he knew he got ripped off as you can buy the same thing for 20$ at this site (and pulled quote).  Well I got back an email full of swears and how dare i’s, he has receipts and it comes with a songbook, it was an amazing deal, I should keep my nose out of business that’s not mine!…. Needless to say, I am shocked that people can try and rip off others for a bit of cash, but well, maybe its just I don’t understand and don’t wish to.

Anyway, I hope others have good luck with buying and selling, I tend to have great luck most of the time, its just the shoddy bits that surprise me! But make for great discussions 🙂

Say What?


”                              “

I realize that there are some quotes that have lost meaning, are too good to be true or just do not make sense. There are a few that I do like “Everything happens for a reason”, for in life I believe that to be happy you have to understand how it is to be sad. I believe that to understand health, you have to have sickness, and to understand love, you have to have lived pain.

Now, one quote that I do not understand that I see a lot is “A person hates you/dislikes you because 1. they want to be you, 2. they do not like themselves, 3. They see you as a threat”. Now, I realize in life there are people you are not going to like, but has it ever been because you want to be them? There are people in life that I would never wish to see again because I despise the choices they have made, the people they have hurt, and the lies they spread. Do I see them as a threat? No, I see them as too dumb to deal with themselves and see them as a waste of space. Or, as my first quote, I needed to meet these people so I would know what real friends were. I needed to fall for the wrong guy, so when I met the right one it would be for all the right reasons. I have been hated, and the only thing that quote does, is tell me that the person obviously stuffed garbage down my pants because she wanted to be the nerdy bookworm of the school (right? O.o) and the one who hated me and mocked me obviously was threatened, even though she told me that she could do both of our jobs without my assistance. I do not believe this quote to be anything but a nice lie to help those who are being bullied, hated or otherwise disliked, to look upon the other person with a status of entitlement, that you have a right to let that person hate you. Hate isn’t what makes this world a better place.

Sometimes, a quick talk to discuss difference, open closed doors or try to learn to be friendly is what’s needed. Sometimes though, someone is just not going to like you, and that’s just how it is. For, as it has been said before, “your not going to please everybody, the best thing to do, is just please yourself”. So instead of beating yourself up about someone who doesn’t care about you, start caring about yourself, stop stressing about something that isn’t going to change, and start finding a better passion in life!

Good luck 🙂