Yes, I need to hear it.

Thanks, that was a great job you did!

I cannot believe you made it through, you did well.

It is going to be alright, here, have a hug.

Words that sometimes don’t mean anything at all, can make one heck of a difference when needed. I know that I am going through a few sensitive situations right now, and sometimes I feel that I am failing, that my head will never be quiet, but thanks to a good friend today, I feel better. 

I was able to empty my head, clear my thoughts and pour over, but when it was all done, I felt raw, sore, and very naked. As I looked at my friend she said a few simple words “Hope, it can still turn out well.  You have not made a bad choice, its going to be alright, you can do this. You will be great”.

A few simple words, felt better than a hug. 

Sometimes those who are  always there for others, need the help the most.

Have you listened to someone today?


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