New Years Resolution….denied? Or Deemed necessary!

Well its two months now since the beginning of the year, and most of the people that I know of that create new years resolutions, have failed, given up or forgotten those promises.  But why? There’s no reason why you cannot make a change for the better and keep it! In fact, I see few friends actually trying again with the season of lent approaching and going for a promise of 40 days of a change. Their reason being, if I can do it for 40 days, get out of the bad habit and into new ones, why not carry it on towards the may long, or the summer?

What should you choose to do? I know my personal was to actually start eating better and get fit, which so far I have! Its been easier now that I’m done training and have my weekends back 😀 On top of it, I am starting to see a difference, and having the support of my friends helps. A few of my cousins are giving up their addiction to facebook/twitter/pinterest, their reason being they have become addicted to their electronic devices. They wish to devote more time to better pastimes, like physical activity, family time or a personal project.  A friend at work is getting rid of all candy/treats, her first step is to get rid of them all.  She is including her kids in her change so they can get used to natural food again.  My husband is trying to finish up renovations, along with finally clearing up the hording of items in the back yard that have been collecting. 

What if you gave up your resolution? Why not start again? No body likes a quitter, but everyone cheers for those who keep trying! One of my favorite movies is Run Fatboy Run, with Simon Pegg, where he gave up on so much that everyone had given up on him.  He finally starting trying till everyone believed in him! Honestly it tends to be my feel good get back into the groove movie, which means I really should get back onto that knitting project that is just dragging on, especially if I want to wear it next month!


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