You’ve Got Mail

The other day I saw this comic via and it made me realize how impersonal we can all be. Impersonal in the way that all we do lately is click and send, or just forward pictures, or even ‘inspirational’ memes that made our day for a moment…. a moment.  On top of it, the only emails we tend to get are forwards, bills or a ton of spam (for some reason a lot of sexy ladies in my area are looking for a guy like me…. I’m not a guy…. lol).  My one friend though, has dredged up the past favorite, and I am loving it! It started last year when I was asking friends for mailing addresses so I could send them wedding party invites.  When she got mine, she ended up holding on to it and sending me a letter months later, with questions to answer, news of how she has been, and a picture of her graduation from university! It was exciting, different and heck, a reason to pull out my old stationary sets.  It also helps that I have been donating to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, and when you do, apparently they send you gifts of stationary sets, personalized address stickers and cards for holidays and birthdays! Not only am I helping a cause that has affecting family and friends (my family has a high occurrence of cancer) but I am helping keep a tradition of snail mail alive! Thanks again M! Your letter is in the mail and I cannot wait to get another ^.^

So please, take the time to get some addresses, or look up some old ones :), write down a good letter, or send a recipe, a picture, and let them get a surprise in the mail! Also, as a side thought, take a moment to go to, or the affiliated cancer society in your country, and donate, even just 25$ helps!

Enjoy your weekend. 🙂


2 thoughts on “You’ve Got Mail

  1. My happiest days are when someone sends me a letter. I treasure them. But then, feeling I need to write back rather than emailing or messaging on Facebook makes me a bit grumpy.My handwriting has gone downhill since the advent of computers. On the other hand, I know you can’t receive unless you give back. It’s quite a dilemma for me. As you can see, your post caused some deep thinking on my part!

    • I can see that! I have a friend who cannot spell correctly, or write at all because of all the technology . The worst part of it all, if I leave a note for her and it’s cursive, she complains she cannot read it! Not only is writing phasing out but reading it is too!

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