What, the what?

Well it has been a delightful experience of encounters with wordpress so far, enjoying the different writing styles, different types of bloggers, various interests, not having any type of negativity yet! Even amused at how many people are enjoying what I am saying (honestly, didn’t expect anyone to even look, thanks guys!)

Then it hits me, a comment that doesn’t even respond to my blog, just someone obviously calling me a dense idiot who has no idea what I could witness, acknowledge or even understand!

Funny how the emotions fly, first:

“What… the what?” Trying to understand this comment that has come out of nowhere.

Then – Hey I don’t have to approve, what, I can approve? The power!!!

I want to tell them how they missed the point… wait would they get this point? Do I try and correct them? Or even respond…. hmmm….

Hey look at their blogs! Wow, they are just as opinionated as their comment… hmm… yup I don’t think they would get the point, they commented so I would get their point… which I see where they are coming from in a round about take a left turn in Albikerky way… but still…

Well, sun rise, sun set.

Hmmm… I bet others have had the dissatisfaction of a comment before… or have they!

Well, for those of you that have read this, join in and tell me your story, or don’t and just agree with me with a “yup, cheers.  There will be more of those to follow” Happy day fellows!


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