Say What?


”                              “

I realize that there are some quotes that have lost meaning, are too good to be true or just do not make sense. There are a few that I do like “Everything happens for a reason”, for in life I believe that to be happy you have to understand how it is to be sad. I believe that to understand health, you have to have sickness, and to understand love, you have to have lived pain.

Now, one quote that I do not understand that I see a lot is “A person hates you/dislikes you because 1. they want to be you, 2. they do not like themselves, 3. They see you as a threat”. Now, I realize in life there are people you are not going to like, but has it ever been because you want to be them? There are people in life that I would never wish to see again because I despise the choices they have made, the people they have hurt, and the lies they spread. Do I see them as a threat? No, I see them as too dumb to deal with themselves and see them as a waste of space. Or, as my first quote, I needed to meet these people so I would know what real friends were. I needed to fall for the wrong guy, so when I met the right one it would be for all the right reasons. I have been hated, and the only thing that quote does, is tell me that the person obviously stuffed garbage down my pants because she wanted to be the nerdy bookworm of the school (right? O.o) and the one who hated me and mocked me obviously was threatened, even though she told me that she could do both of our jobs without my assistance. I do not believe this quote to be anything but a nice lie to help those who are being bullied, hated or otherwise disliked, to look upon the other person with a status of entitlement, that you have a right to let that person hate you. Hate isn’t what makes this world a better place.

Sometimes, a quick talk to discuss difference, open closed doors or try to learn to be friendly is what’s needed. Sometimes though, someone is just not going to like you, and that’s just how it is. For, as it has been said before, “your not going to please everybody, the best thing to do, is just please yourself”. So instead of beating yourself up about someone who doesn’t care about you, start caring about yourself, stop stressing about something that isn’t going to change, and start finding a better passion in life!

Good luck 🙂

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