Drinking and Geeking

The Drunken Moogle

The other day I was introduced to a site that makes nerds and drunks finally come together! Yes, I like my alcohol, not really persay as in throwing all my inabitions to the wind, but its so fun to try something new and fantastical that is associated with our favorite games/movies/shows!

As I stroll through, it really amuses me how much thought was put together with this site! Sometimes there are stories behind how its made, why its made, there are great pictures to show how its done, and videos! The part that really made me giggle was how there were drinking games associated with some of the shows, yeah… I guess some of our nerds are really bottling it down 😉

So if your up for a laugh, a chuckle or an inspired by game drink, check out http://www.thedrunkenmoogle.com. Enjoy! and



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