My History Repeating Itself


I was having a great chat on the phone with an old friend past Wednesday night. It was when I was going over my past terrible drama with work, and discussing past history, that I realized history had repeated itself. This time, again, I was taking the blame for a situation that really didnt affect the world around us, but I was drug through the mudd and called dumb as such. Lets go back.

“Common, its almost lunch time!” My friend called to me as we crossed the road to the high school across the street. Of course, the high school had the vending machines. We were going across to get chips for her. As her best friend it was my job to get the chips for her. The money I had was actually for swimming that afternoon, but she told me that if I sneak in with the rest of the group, then I wont be noticed, or have to pay. Therefore, my loonie was better spent on her, as I was her Best friend. After punching the buttons into the machine, she selected what she was getting, and we rushed back across the quiet street of our town. As we strolled back in the hallway, suddenly our third grade teacher stepped into the hallway… dah dah DAHAHAHAHAH…

“What are you girls doing?”



“We havent even said grace yet and you are out of the building?” suddenly, my friend pipes up…

“Its not my fault, she makes me spend her dollar-”

“What dollar?”

“Her swimming dollar on snacks”… well after that lets just say it got bad. So I got blamed for convincing her to come with me to buy snacks… The situation being I was told I had to go and spend my dollar to buy her snacks (which she said was for me, I never got to eat them) that I ate and was sneaking into the pool without paying. So my punishment? In school suspension for a week. I remember afterwards how if I went near the other girls in the school I was ignored for trying to tell on her. After my week of in school suspension, the other girls would come near me and mock me for trying to tattle tale, or they would blow dandelions in my face as a sign of being below their status. What did this teach me? That I cannot trust others for their intentions.

This year I got pinned by an investigation by a co-worker that quit, then called a complaint that resulted in me being blamed and ignored by other girls who she had under her arm for the past three months!! Now I am under supervision, unable to close or open shop (which is fantastic in some ways), all because some girl couldn’t talk through her issues, come forward with what she thought was wrong, or even talk to me? Point being? I cannot trust others for their intentions. Twenty years later and people are still untrustable.


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