The Rumor Mill

One thing that still astounds me is seeing a rumor transform into a horrible monster of a false truth. It’s like the adult version of the telephone game, but with far worse consequences. The first time I saw the bad effects I was 19, working at a summer camp, and listening to the guys talk about girls with bad reputations. Suddenly one pops up and says I shouldn’t say much, because they heard I slept with five different guys last year! I was shocked… I hadn’t even dated them but apparently the social group was convinced that I had done the nasty and was quite a girl because of it! Another rumor that popped up due to an angry friend (who I didn’t even realize was angry) was telling all my friends I was trying to steal her husband, thankfully most of my friends knew that was untrue and tried to quash the untruth.

The latest batch that has hit me with many repercussions, is now to the point of making me sigh. So I had a fellow employee I was working with, and at the time I had a few clients who were making things difficult. I was instructed by my boss to make notes and observations so that not only could I cover my ass if something happened, but I could get issues off my chest. One of the days when things got overly heated between us, she stormed out with my book of notes. I was confused why she stole it, considering if had years of observations of kids, and almost nothing pertaining to her. In fact, my boss went over it, and agreed there was only one sentence that was my opinion about something that she had done. That’s it, in all the pages and pages, one sentence. But now, a few of the other employees are looking at me funny, because the rumor mill has turned it into the fact that I was making a ‘burn book’. I didn’t find this out myself, my boss told me that this is what they were complaining about, they wanted to see this book and wanted to know why I wasn’t fired because obviously I was writing about everyone in horrible ways! I had to laugh, because not only was it far from the truth, it was everyone else who had begun hating, complaining and trying to get me fired for items and incidents that didn’t happen!

Oh rumor mill, just keep turning.


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