7 Year Itch 3 Year Glitch

I’ve heard it from movies, books, friend.  A turning point in relationships where people stop working, start giving up, or moving on.  I’ve heard from others “we married in our 20’s, and then we hit thirty and moved unto our own separate paths”.  Ive seen marriages fail after five years, two years, one.

Not everything that is bonded will last.

Not everything that is promised is kept.

But last night I had a dream.  I was at a big work site, and met a guy, so charming, we had an immediate connection.  After working with this guy for several days I could hardly see myself not hanging with him.  As we were being transported back home he gave me a hug and said ‘if only you weren’t married, I would be with you right now’. Married…. married? Yes, in my dream I was married.  Yes, then I went home, and saw this guy who I didn’t know, who I could hardly understand let alone care for.  Who didn’t care that I walked in the door.  “If only you weren’t married” echoed in my head.


Alarm, I roll over, and see my husband.  We have been together for 7 years, married for four. I loved him.  Even though we have been together passed the three year glitch, the four year snooze, the seven year itch.  We still find ways to make sex fun, to hang out in the evenings, to give each other space, and then smile when we walk in the door.  Though I don’t always like his past or his mistakes, I promised to love and always help.  I wanna see him grow old.  Unlike my dream, I’m not married to some guy.  I married the one I couldn’t be without, and we will fight the 7 year itch 🙂


Not hard, not soft, like a jam!

I was a waitress at a restaurant that served eggs for every meal, which was great for graveyard workers, or late night partiers.  I have many stories, mightmares and laughs, but one stuck out this morning as I was making my breakfast.

We had this girl that at least once a month would come in and order the same thing.  Now, I don’t mind typical customers, and if you enjoy something, its a treat to try it again! But, it was how she ordered it that has always stuck with me. So heres seen, all day breakfast restaurant, typical waitress waiting on customers, in walks twenty something girl and her friend. Waitress sits them down, and goes to get their drinks.

“Alright ladies, here are your drinks”

“Alright, ill get eggs benedict, fruit cup, ham, oh, and I want my eggs, not hard, not soft, like a jam.”

“Ok, gotcha…” take her friends order, and carry on.  Go to the back, and type in over medium.  Ladies enjoy their lunch, praise the food, leave.

Next month, girls arrive.  Same explanation about the eggs. So I turn back

“Ok, eggs over medium-”

“No, no no…. not hard, not soft, like a jam!


Same thing next month, so again I try to explain to her that what she wants is over medium, that she doesn’t have to explain it every time.

“No, its not.  I don’t want it hard, or soft. Like a jam!”

So, realizing that you can’t fix stupid, I go to the back to type in her order.  This time when it prompts me to select wellness level of the egg, I hit *see note* and type in her explanation.  Thirty seconds later the cook sticks his head out , gives me a confused look.  I explain the antics of this specific customer, to which he replies:

“Eggs have been around for thousands of years, shes been around for two decades, and she figures we haven’t figured out a word for not hard, not soft, like a jam? Did you try and explain it?”

Well I tried to hint at it, time and again… sometimes you cant fix stupid.

WIP… still in progress.


Its been an odd year.  Since I have started knitting six years ago, the seasons have brought the same variables.  Summer and fall are busy with getting my stock up for winter sales. Christmas gets busy with requests for gifts.  New year and the rest of winter is calm with my own personal projects, or my WIP (work in progress), then summer hits with plans for the fall markets.

Now, around our town, we have had a bit of an oil recession hit.  Which means the fathers and men haven’t been working since Christmas, since they aren’t working, they aren’t spending.  If they are home, kids stay home and wifes work, which usually (and sadly) means lower income, so families are staying in more, going out less, so our entertainment industry suffer.  If the families have little ones in childcare or preschool, they tend to pull out their children, so the daycares/dayhomes/preschools suffer.  I have been laid off due to this trend.

Now, I also have my knitting, so after the emotional turbulence settled, my mind went to all my WIP that I have.  Great! I got my projects, my ideas, all those great bits! My only problem being that I haven’t had a slow down in requests! Odd, since our town is hitting  down turn and you would expect spending to be down!

So sadly, my WIPs are still waiting for me, but needles are till flying and I am gaining some money through my door. 🙂

The Rumor Mill

One thing that still astounds me is seeing a rumor transform into a horrible monster of a false truth. It’s like the adult version of the telephone game, but with far worse consequences. The first time I saw the bad effects I was 19, working at a summer camp, and listening to the guys talk about girls with bad reputations. Suddenly one pops up and says I shouldn’t say much, because they heard I slept with five different guys last year! I was shocked… I hadn’t even dated them but apparently the social group was convinced that I had done the nasty and was quite a girl because of it! Another rumor that popped up due to an angry friend (who I didn’t even realize was angry) was telling all my friends I was trying to steal her husband, thankfully most of my friends knew that was untrue and tried to quash the untruth.

The latest batch that has hit me with many repercussions, is now to the point of making me sigh. So I had a fellow employee I was working with, and at the time I had a few clients who were making things difficult. I was instructed by my boss to make notes and observations so that not only could I cover my ass if something happened, but I could get issues off my chest. One of the days when things got overly heated between us, she stormed out with my book of notes. I was confused why she stole it, considering if had years of observations of kids, and almost nothing pertaining to her. In fact, my boss went over it, and agreed there was only one sentence that was my opinion about something that she had done. That’s it, in all the pages and pages, one sentence. But now, a few of the other employees are looking at me funny, because the rumor mill has turned it into the fact that I was making a ‘burn book’. I didn’t find this out myself, my boss told me that this is what they were complaining about, they wanted to see this book and wanted to know why I wasn’t fired because obviously I was writing about everyone in horrible ways! I had to laugh, because not only was it far from the truth, it was everyone else who had begun hating, complaining and trying to get me fired for items and incidents that didn’t happen!

Oh rumor mill, just keep turning.

Drinking and Geeking

The Drunken Moogle

The other day I was introduced to a site that makes nerds and drunks finally come together! Yes, I like my alcohol, not really persay as in throwing all my inabitions to the wind, but its so fun to try something new and fantastical that is associated with our favorite games/movies/shows!

As I stroll through, it really amuses me how much thought was put together with this site! Sometimes there are stories behind how its made, why its made, there are great pictures to show how its done, and videos! The part that really made me giggle was how there were drinking games associated with some of the shows, yeah… I guess some of our nerds are really bottling it down 😉

So if your up for a laugh, a chuckle or an inspired by game drink, check out http://www.thedrunkenmoogle.com. Enjoy! and


Pulling it all Together!

My good friend went on a trip and brought me back a book on how to knit amigurumi (usually crotcheted), but made for people with my skills! See, I’m one of the few knitters that HATE HATE HATE double pointed knitting needles. Its not that I don’t like the needles, or know how to use them, its that when I do knit with them, I end up getting tracks, or gaps, between where the needles connect.  Now, I have been told how to fix this, but with how I knit, its just not working! Since I am a creative individual I have found various patterns for everything that involved two needles and sewing (which I have become an amazing expert on!) except for socks, but hey, one day I will try!

So I get this amazing book all about two needles and sewing, and I am thrilled! I decide this weekend that I will try one of the patterns out.  So its all good, I make all the pieces, top, bottom, two parts for each claw, and eight short legs.  As I look at my mess of pieces I feel silly, wouldn’t it be easier to just cut fabric and sew it together to make this? Why not try it with double pointed knitting needles? Is this even going to fit together and look right? I put my fears and anxieties aside, and after an hour of fighting with it, I did it!!! and I’m not even too crabby about it 😛


What is the Point of Facebook?


I realized the other day, that something is what you make of it. For some, facebook is a place to connect, talk to friends, find old friends, or find new. But then there are the other sad, amusing or constnat faces of the site:

1) The sharer – They constantly push all the awesome pictures, blips, videos, statuses or quizzes they find. Do you want all this ? Possibly, one of ten maybe…. Maybe you would like to actually hear about them!

2) The mother – everything they find in their day time, their children, their moments, are blogged onto this 24/7 update of their life. You may not want to know that little johnny as just learned to spit up, but you cannot unread what you just read!

3) The opinionater – They are constantly voicing their opinion of anything, everything and constantly. They constantly have to express their opinion on something that happened, and they tend to do it in a way that makes you wish they would shhhhhh.

4) The gamer – they constantly are playing their games, poking you for help so they can afford their new upgrade, hoping you will send them free stuff so they need not invest actual money into it.

5) The drama queen – constantly have to update every moment of everyone else’s lives, their anger, their sadness, their moments that apparently are buzz worthy for everyone they don’t actually talk to.

6) Motivator – They will only update if its to help someone, pass on some bit of advice, or heck are willing to make you feel better. You may not know what’s actually happening in their life, as they tend not to post about it.

7) The constant updater – if you don’t know what they have done in the past hour, then they must be sick!

8) The non facer – they have a page, they are occasionally on their, but honestly, they have friend requests from months ago and their last update was three years ago.

9) The stalker – they always are checking out what’s going on, digging up old friends, lovers, haters, and things that just don’t need to be found. But hey, someone should be doing it! Right?

10) The business minded – they have their pages/their work site, updates for coupons, work talk, or just fun. Great way to get the word out, as long as its not too annoying to make people block you.

Now, this is what I made of it, trying to put a fun spin on a weird thing that we didn’t have ten years ago, but most people wouldn’t know what to do if it shut down! There may be more faces to the book, but hey, this is who I get to meet when I log on, if you have any others feel free to add on!