Its alive!

Just a quick shout out that I am hoping to start a collection of photos, thoughts, projects and pieces soon…. just figuring out where to start 🙂

How is everyones year? Still pushing? How are those new years resolutions panning out?

I know this year I am looking for a new career, stronger hobby request list, and a healthier body.  So far so good!


I have no clue

What I am striding for

Life is confusing

Lost it’s core

You’re supposed to strive

To fight for your goals

What about your life?

What about your woes?

I feel lost, completely unhinged

Life has taken it, life is tinged.


Its funny how s…

Its funny how some people think they have the right to assume the worst of others, when they haven’t had the privilege of witnessing how amazing they actually are. – L. Waite

If we could witness the best of everyone, be a little less judgmental and a little more understanding, then maybe we could all be a a bit more accepting and happier in the end.