Challenge of Biblical Proportions!

This may or may not be your cup of tea, but I have been busy!

I set myself a lifetime goal some years ago to read the bible from start to finish.  Not just for religious or faithful purpose, but a look at our culture, our history, and our life.  Its taken me till now, but I am finally in Isaiah. There are some books I rather enjoyed, some that read like radio manuals, one that was pure fairy tale (fun!) and some that were motivational.

To keep me at it, I started a facebook group where I can post favored verses as I go. if your interested!

I do rather enjoy my bible time, from verses that talk about making new friends but letting them age like wine to see if they are worth anything, to being smart about finances! Loving your neighbour and keeping faith for your heart.  Also, death, macabre, horrifying plagues. You know, all in a days read 😉


I am so tired of seeing all the mom blogs about not showering for a week straight is acceptable, where showing up to drop off your kids in spit up clothes is the everyday, and not giving a shit is ok.

Let me be clear, this is not.  That is letting it go, loosing sight of the cause and not having motivation.  Yes, sometimes, and occasionally, this can happen.  But not for months on end, please, if this happens.  Give the kids to the grandparents, tell your husband to go out with his friends and take a break! Do what you want! Revive! Then get back on the horse, fold the laundry before it wrinkles, wash the dishes that ARE DONE soaking, tidy up and find your house.  If you can relax, who else can?

But enough beating the horse with the broken whip.  My whole point is to be THAT mom, the one that has her shit together, that is motivated, that is a role model and is setting up her children to be great.

  • If you see a mess, clean it up or find a plan for everyone to help out
  •  Plan your meals for the week! Have taco Tuesday! Sit everyone down for a meal, discuss the day, model good habits and show your love!
  • Healthy food and snacks.  Do your kids go for chips? Have healthy fruits, veggies, cheese, or healthy crackers out for a crunch.  Crave sweets? Try home made sweet teas, dried fruits, homemade granola bars.  Yes, plan baking days, then freeze extras for treats later on! Follow the food guide, attend classes for ideas, be creative!
  • If you need sleep, start getting it! Go to bed a bit early, put down the book/phone, and get your rest, which turns momster into mommy!
  • Alcohol is for moderation, holidays, and maybe a friday with the girls.  Not for binge drinking, making into cupcakes, or reminiscing about the old times every day at happy hour.  Grow up, you don’t need alcohol to function.
  • Put the kids in a playpen (hello!!! its  pen they can play in!) and take two minutes for a shower.  Feeling clean makes a world of difference
  • Take five minutes, fill the sink with soapy water and clean the kitchen.  Not only does it teach the kids to see that cleaning happens, having a sticky free table, fingerprint gone fridge, and crumb free counter helps!
  • Get plants, and water them once a week.  Get the kids to help! They not only learn about life, but having a  weekly watering day puts things it perspective.
  • Make the damn bed! No only does it perk up the bedroom, taking two seconds to straighten the sheets is enough to make you feel better.
  • You smoke? Don’t do it around your kids! Second hand smoke messes with their lungs, brain development, motor skills and skin growth.  Smarten up, your bad habits don’t need to affect two lives!
  • Exercise! Do yoga, or pila ties! Moves for 20 mins a day, over an hour a week! Go for walks, bike rides, play Kinect, dance parties, just move and get fit!
  • Make a weekly plan! If your a stay at home mom, plan your days, make outtings, cleaning days, purpose.  If your working, then plan your days! You only see your kids for three hours before bed, make it worth it! Plan a day or two out a month.
  • When your children pick up bad habits, instead of Instagram-ing how cute it is, start modeling how you want them to behave
  • If your child is starting behaviors you don’t agree with, work with them on it! They are little people who need guidance, not yelling, betterment, punishment or ignorance.
  • Find a project or a goal with your child.  Reading three books before bed? Make a chart and show it off!  Trying to make a greenhouse? Take before and after projects! Make it worthy, fun, and fulfilling!

The most important thing to remember is you choose this.  If it was an accident, you choose to keep it and make a child! If you planned it, you choose to be a parent from day one!  You married someone with children? You choose to accept them past, present for your future! Step up! Be motivated! Be the role model for your children! They are going to grow up and be the future, take care of the world.

Do you want to teach them how to get by and survive? Or to step up, be the change, and be what you want your children to be! Are you preparing the world for your child? or preparing your child for the world?

Be THAT mom! You can do it 😉

Its alive!

Just a quick shout out that I am hoping to start a collection of photos, thoughts, projects and pieces soon…. just figuring out where to start 🙂

How is everyones year? Still pushing? How are those new years resolutions panning out?

I know this year I am looking for a new career, stronger hobby request list, and a healthier body.  So far so good!


I have no clue

What I am striding for

Life is confusing

Lost it’s core

You’re supposed to strive

To fight for your goals

What about your life?

What about your woes?

I feel lost, completely unhinged

Life has taken it, life is tinged.


Its funny how s…

Its funny how some people think they have the right to assume the worst of others, when they haven’t had the privilege of witnessing how amazing they actually are. – L. Waite

If we could witness the best of everyone, be a little less judgmental and a little more understanding, then maybe we could all be a a bit more accepting and happier in the end.