Games for Conscience

Its Saturday morning, and from my childhood this is still my favorite time, as all I want to do are video games and cartoons! I realized yesterday how much videogames can impact a person.  This could be good, or bad.  Sadly,  I knew a guy who put gaming above all else (family, food, work)… thankfully he eventually got the help he needed.  But there are also the lessons learned for life, about how to be a good person, how the actions you take can change the worlds around you (these thoughts are specific or more for role playing games RPGs).  Zelda especially! In Zelda games you get chances to help npc’s (non playing character) and when you do, there are special bonuses that you get out of the game that you wouldn’t have if you ignored those asking for help.  Another game I love that illustrates   this fact are the Fallout games, where what you choose actually changes the story line.  If you choose to help out the settling town, you are welcomed and trusted and loved.  You can bomb the town and be accepted in to the tower of the elitists who don’t care about the lives of others.
This year marks the ten year anniversary of Fable coming out, and this is another game that changes if the person chooses good or bad.  This is something as a childcare worker that amuses me, as these games, if introduced well, can help a person realize how much their choices impact their surroundings! Example, you choose not to help the sheriff in the beginning of the game get the warrants, the town turns into a poverty strung part of town that is run by prostitution, thieves, murderers and drunks.  You help out, the town is a place that anyone can hope to live in.
Yes, video games can be looked upon as a waste of time spent doing something in a pixilated world that doesn’t really exist once you hit the power button, but those memories, those life lessons will stick with the person, and hopefully can show them a great deal about how life can really be! Go have fun, and if your an Xbox 360 gold member, go and enjoy some fable for the anniversary this year!