Pulling it all Together!

My good friend went on a trip and brought me back a book on how to knit amigurumi (usually crotcheted), but made for people with my skills! See, I’m one of the few knitters that HATE HATE HATE double pointed knitting needles. Its not that I don’t like the needles, or know how to use them, its that when I do knit with them, I end up getting tracks, or gaps, between where the needles connect.  Now, I have been told how to fix this, but with how I knit, its just not working! Since I am a creative individual I have found various patterns for everything that involved two needles and sewing (which I have become an amazing expert on!) except for socks, but hey, one day I will try!

So I get this amazing book all about two needles and sewing, and I am thrilled! I decide this weekend that I will try one of the patterns out.  So its all good, I make all the pieces, top, bottom, two parts for each claw, and eight short legs.  As I look at my mess of pieces I feel silly, wouldn’t it be easier to just cut fabric and sew it together to make this? Why not try it with double pointed knitting needles? Is this even going to fit together and look right? I put my fears and anxieties aside, and after an hour of fighting with it, I did it!!! and I’m not even too crabby about it 😛


Beware the Sellers

I am all about buying and selling online, helping out small businesses, creating and selling my craft.  But these past two months I seem to have learned a lot about the whole idea of purchase…and sadly of the traits of some people.

When selling online its always key to keep your receipt of sale, your receipt of delivery (if you send it by post) and that your customer is satisfied, if needed to fix or change item so that it suits their desire (if not pushing beyond what they originally requested). I tend to sell within my town/family/friends, and tend to have a great rate of costumer satisfaction.  I pride myself on that.

I also buy online, and always always always buy through paypal, as it leads to insurance that what you bought is what you bought.  This leads me to my first story, where I ended up buying a lot of beads at the end of December, but instantly was warned by a few buyers that since the time of my purchase their shipping terms had changed and I would not receive anything for over 45 or 60 days, and that if I do make a claim then it will affect them and that I shouldn’t take this course.  This is blatently against eBay and paypal contract, and a horrible act from the seller.  I still have not received my item, but since I only have fourty five days to make a claim, I did so, and still have not heard anything from the seller.  Always make a claim through paypal, so those who send you the wrong items, or never do, don’t just get a bonus of your cash, and a waste of your time.  Always leave feedback, so other buyers know who the good sellers are, and who not to trust.

My second story, always do your background on the items! It surprises me when I find sellers who are asking not only ridiculous prices, but over the top prices and amazingly stupid stories.  Example, I find a guy selling an instrument AND a book of songs to play, this amazing instrument he bought for 200$ and is only asking you 100$ as there is a slight chip on the top now.  Amazing deal, eh!? Until you look around for the same instrument, or amazingly similar, and you can get the same thing for 20$, with songbook, and its from the seller direct.  I was feeling a little cocky and asked the guy if he knew he got ripped off as you can buy the same thing for 20$ at this site (and pulled quote).  Well I got back an email full of swears and how dare i’s, he has receipts and it comes with a songbook, it was an amazing deal, I should keep my nose out of business that’s not mine!…. Needless to say, I am shocked that people can try and rip off others for a bit of cash, but well, maybe its just I don’t understand and don’t wish to.

Anyway, I hope others have good luck with buying and selling, I tend to have great luck most of the time, its just the shoddy bits that surprise me! But make for great discussions 🙂